iNecklace: because there are Apple fangirls too

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(image: Adafruit Industries) iNecklace by Adafruit | US$75.00 |

Apple fanboys have iCufflinks to proclaim their love for the fruity gadgets but what about those lovely Apple fangirls? well, Adafruit hasn’t forgot about them and has conjured up one fashion accessory for the ladies – the iNecklace. of course, there’s no stopping you man folks from wearing one. the iNecklace features a machined aluminum pendant with a subtle, working pulsating LED. just like those pulsating light that you will see on Apple MacBooks. while the pulsating light pendant is the obvious highlight, Adafruit has not forgotten about the chain which is a 18-inch long sterling silver 1.6-mm diamond-cut curb chain that has been treated with anti-tarnishing agent.
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like the iCufflinks, this pulsating light was reversed engineered from Apple’s “breathing” LED on some of Apple’s products. again, we shall not go into lengths on how they did the reverse engineering feat but if you really want to know, you can read more about it HERE. the iNecklace is billed as the world’s first open-source electronic necklace, which means you can actually craft one out for yourself (except for the chain, which i am sure it is easily procured at your local jewelry stores) or you could save yourself the trouble (and possibly, frustration) by grabbing one off from Adafruit online store for $75 a pop. check out a short video of the iNecklace in action after the break.

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Adafruit Industries via Red Ferret

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