Finally, A Ukulele That Fits What It Is Meant To Do: Travel And Doing So Without Breaking The Bank

When we talk about apocalypse, we almost always speak of survival tools. No doubt survival tools are requisites to our continual survival, but what’s life without music? We would probably go into psychological meltdown even before the walking dead devours us. Having said that, it would pointless if your trusty, most popular travel instrument, the […]

KLOS Super Durable Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar Gets Electrified!

Remember the folks who kind of make carbon fiber mainstream on acoustic guitars and from there on, make traveling with a guitar less of a stress? Yes. We referring to KLOS Guitars. The guitar that’s built to stand up to the punishment of traveling without weighing you down while still performs like it should – […]

KLOS Guitars 2.0: A Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar That Can Take The Beatings

Traveling musicians with a guitar on their back looks cool, but what these people didn’t tell you is, how their lovely instrument is susceptible to damage while on-the-road and that’s not to mention that it is cumbersome as hell. These nagging issues relating to traveling with guitar gave birth to (probably) the first hybrid carbon […]