Uniqlo has teamed up with iconic manga series Doraemon and Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami to incorporate the iconic characters from the series to the brand’s products. The Uniqlo Doraemon x Murakami Collection is inspired by the famous Japanese robotic cat with main visual borrowed from Murakami’s work, “Anna koto iina dekitara iina” (a la Tokidoki style colorful artwork), first created for The Doraemon exhibition in Tokyo in 2017.

“This colorful work, featuring the main characters Doraemon and Nobita, Doraemon’s secret gadgets, and Murakami’s characteristic flowers, is now expressed on the UT canvas. The special new line enables UT fans to enjoy Doraemon as they’ve never seen him before.”

Uniqlo Doraemon x Murakami Collection

In addition to tees and a 10-inch Doraemon featuring Murakami’s “Anna koto iina dekitara iina” visual, the Doraemon UT lineup also includes tees bearing designs straight out of the Doraemon manga series, including the humorous scene of Nobita begging for the robotic cat’s help, as well as t-shirts printed with Doraemon’s signature gadgets like the “Take-copter” and “Small Light.”

Uniqlo Doraemon x Murakami Collection will be available on Uniqlo.com, in May, with prices ranging from $9.90-29.90. In addition, Murakami and Uniqlo will be holding a Meet and Greet on April 26, between 2-4PM at Uniqlo 5th Avenue store where the products will be also available for sale.

Uniqlo Doraemon x Murakami Collection

Uniqlo Doraemon x Murakami Collection

Images: Uniqlo.

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