Reebok x Capcom Street Fighter Collection Taiwan

Street Fighter is a classic fighting video and arcade that not only remained popular to this day but the marketing team sure knows how to keep ringing in the money outside of video games. Case in the point: the many collabs – most notably in the footwear department.

Reebok x Capcom Street Fighter Collection Taiwan

In recent months, there have been collaborations with adidas and BAIT, as well as Vans, Onitsuka, Nike, and now, Reebok. I know. It was kind of ironic to be collaborating with footwear makers since footwear isn’t part of the getup of many of the characters. At least, sneakers aren’t a common thing.

Anyhoo, here it is, the Reebok x Capcom Street Fighter Collection. It is a collection because it has more than sneakers; there is apparel too. Expect to find sneakers themed on popular characters such as Ryu, Chun-Li, Dhalsim, Akuma, Zangief, and M. Bison. Wait a minute. I just noticed half of those characters don’t even wear shoes. That’s interesting…

Reebok x Capcom Street Fighter Collection Taiwan

Also included in the collection are t-shirts (but of course), some casual track pants (or sweat pants as some people call them), and a pair of slides (aka flip-flops). There is a catch, though.

It appears that the Reebok x Capcom Street Fighter Collection is only in Taiwan. Last we check, it has not been listed on the Reebok Taiwan website. More details were previously listed on the Taiwanese website Juksy (CH) but for reasons, it was removed. The link is now met with a 404 page. Perhaps, there was an embargo which could be also the reason why we never have any pricing and availability information. No one knows.

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One thing we are pretty sure of is, it is a Taiwan market exclusive. Or is it really? Because we just stumbled upon a Europe online store that claimed to be selling a couple of models from the collection. Not sure how legit it is. I will leave it to you guys to be the judge of things.

Images: Reebok via Twitter (@PeteFighter)/Juksy [CH] via Resetera.

Hat tip: Event Hubs.