Hasbro Indiana Jones Action Figures

Good news, fans of the Indiana Jones franchise! Hasbro has announced that it is bringing back the Indiana Jones toy line which it is calling the Indiana Jones Adventure Series. This news should mean a lot to true IJ fans because the franchise never had a proper or complete toy lineup even at the height of its popularity.

Hasbro Indiana Jones Action Figures

The new Indiana Jones action figures will be 6-inch, which is in line with the current Star Wars The Black Series. The original toys were 3.75” and obviously, with fewer articulations than today’s action figures. Not only will the figures be figure have mutiple points of articulation but they will be very detailed.

In addition, each figure will rock Hasbro’s photo-real head sculpt that captures the likeness of the actors. Now, we know how good that Hasbro photo-real thingy is, don’t we? That said, we have high expectations of these figures.

The first wave of figures from the 80s franchise is based on the first Indiana Jones film, Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981, Paramount Pictures). All told, there are five figures, including the protaganist himself, Dr. Jones aka Indiana Jones, along with Major Arnold Toht, Sallah, Marion Ravenwood (and monkey), and Dr. René Belloq in his ceremonial getup – complete with the jewel chest plate and the staff – as seen in the film’s finale.

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Speaking of staff, there is also a collectible replica Staff of Ra Headpiece (US$50.99) from the movie too.

But those aren’t even the most exciting yet. There is a Build-A-Figure, or should I say, Build-An-Ark element to these five figures. Each figure comes with an element that when united lets you build the Ark of the Covenant – painted in gold, if I may add. Now, that is super cool!

The Staff of Ra Headpiece, which sells for US$50.99, is available for pre-order now. The same goes for Indiana Jones and Toht figures (US$24.99 each). Shipping is expected to happen on April 10, 2023. The availability of the rest of the figures is to be advised.

Hasbro Indiana Jones Action Figures
It comes with a base that, when plugged into the correct hole, the headpiece will lightup.
Hasbro Indiana Jones Action Figures
The headpiece can be separated from the section of the staff.

Images: Hasbro.