Google Nexus One w/ Android OS 2.2 (Froyo)

instead of giving a lengthy take on the Google Nexus One, i will just summarize it. i got so much to talk about it but with my thoughts rushing, words became blurry. why not just hit straight to the point? or points? (note: i’m referring based on non-rooted set running on manually updated 2.2 Froyo)

– high resolution sharp display resulting from AMOLED display
– fast processor
– external storage in the form of SD card (bundled 4GB)
– beautiful design, teflon-coated casing was a nice touch – literally
– fast operating system
– reasonable battery life (about 1 full day with constantly fiddling with mails, web and various other apps)
– wireless sync (or was it cloud sync?) – its a God sent, without having to be tied to a particular PC or Mac.

– touch keys are not sensitive at times (seems like the angle of the fingers do matters)
– capacitive touchscreen is not as good as iPhone’s (sometimes it doesn’t detect my touch)
– the edge of the screen seems to be ultra sensitive. people with large hands may just trigger something when holding the handset
– syncing with Google Account could be a potential security issue (do you trust Google?)
– one platform with so many makes lead 3rd party software implementation. one software works with N1 may not works with Motorola Droid.
– lacking in apps library (partly due to the above-mentioned issue)
– hardware and software derive from 2 different entities which will not be as ‘synced’ as Apple’s iPhone
– MMS (send) fails to work after manually updated to 2.2 Froyo, though i still can receive MMS
– why do we still need kill programs after we exit it?

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i am kinda getting used to the Nexus One. if you have been looking at iPhone 3G/3GS for too long, trust me, you will find the AMOLED display much superior and pleasing to the eyes. this (the Nexus One) is just my transitional phone before the iPhone 4 comes along (after i managed to cracked my 3GS!).

for those still thinking is this phone is worthwhile, my answer is yes, if have never believed in iPhone and no, if you u think iPhone is great. it’s all about perception. i don’t want to live my life without trying and i am definitely not an extremist – i welcome technologies, whoever makes with open arms. back to question on the Google Nexus One’s worth, i would think if you are a technology nut, then it definitely a big YES to give the N1 a shot.

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