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9 things that you should know about Jelly Bean

Android Jelly Bean Logo
now that Google’s latest OS, Android 4.1 aka Jelly Bean, has started rolling out, we thought we’d run down some of its features for the benefit of those who are still waiting for their over-the-air (OTA) update or folks who are still deliberating whether to update or not. all thanks to its version number of ‘4.1’, many users would expect nothing more than a minor update but this is not the case. in fact, Jelly Bean has some pretty wholesome ‘upgrades’ that should enhanced the user experience. we only hope that the fancy proprietary UI of each individual maker don’t mess it up. Continue reading 9 things that you should know about Jelly Bean

Ca-Fi: 2-DIN Android-based in-car infotainment system

Innotrends Ca-Fi System 544x360px
(image: Innotrends) Ca-Fi System | US$tba | ca-fi.com

the outreach Android OS is fast surpassing that of Windows (obviously) and iOS platform. we heard about talks by automakers to integrate Android OS into their vehicles but that was just talks and it remains to be seen if it will be delivered. then again, even with the integration, it will be part of the new car that you buy. so what about those existing rides? well, it seems like Hong Kong-based startup, Innotrends has the answer in the form of Ca-Fi System, a double DIN Android-based in-car infotainment system. from the image, the Ca-Fi looks just to be another double DIN system but under the hood, lies a Freescale Contex A8 i.MX5x processors, a 3G modem and it is, of course, powered by Android 2.3 OS. the system features a 6.2-inch resistive touchscreen display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels, an integrated DVD player, Bluetooth connectivity, dual microSD slots and supports 4 x 45-watts of audio output. Continue reading Ca-Fi: 2-DIN Android-based in-car infotainment system

Conspin ANDI-ONE: Android-powered universal remote

Conspin ANDI-ONE Universal Remote 544x500px
(credit: Conspin) Conspin ANDI-ONE Universal Remote | US$349.99 | www.conspin.com

Conspin may sounds a little too corny for a company name but this Korea-based company has just announced a sleek Android-powered universal remote control, dubbed ANDI-ONE. at the glance, the ANDI-ONE looks like yet another smartphone but it is not. it is a full fledge universal remote that is being supported by a database of 10,000 devices from more than 5,000 manufacturers and the list is still growing as we speaks.
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powered by Android 2.1 Operating System, Conspin referred the ANDI-ONE as “the first of its kind (that) merges a tablet PC with an universal remote controller.” the controller is capable of controlling up to 50 devices via RF, IR and WiFi. for some reasons, Bluetooth was not in the list. the ANDI-ONE features a generous 3.5-inch high resolution capacitive touchscreen for touch control of your devices and to “enjoy your Android applications”. i am not quite sure what the latter means but presumably, you can download apps from the Android such as weather app, stock watch app et cetera into the remote control. though mainly touchscreen, volume, channel and on/off switch still remains as physical buttons. some other features include built-in three-axis accelerometer, built-in speaker and support for multiple audio and video codecs.

Conspin ANDI-ONE Universal Remote 430x398px

ANDI-ONE is powered by an ARM processor with 256 MB of DDR2 SDRAM. the control itself comes with a 1500 mA Lithium-ion battery that is said to be good for 20 hours usage. it has a built-in 2GB storage for your apps and stuff with micro SD card slot allowing for expansion up to 32GB. the supplied USB cable allows syncing and charging with a PC. charging can be done more elegantly by docking to the accompanied cradle. the cradle sports a set physical volume control and a pair of stereo speakers rated at 3 watts each. this means, user can watch video or listen to music while the remote is being cradled and the HDMI out port allows the content on the remote to be displayed on the big screen. Ethernet port is an option for this DC powered cradle. the cradle’s 30-pin connector is iPhone and iPad compatible, hence doubling it as a iPhone/iPad dock station.

Conspin ANDI-ONE Universal Remote 430x398px

the Conspin ANDI-ONE Universal Remote is now available for $349.99 a pop and availability is through resellers. we do not know exactly where you can get it. however, you can contact Conspin directly to find out more. the thing about these known companies is the trouble finding their availability and to top it off, the name Conspin doesn’t really inspire a lot of confidence, eh? well, that’s just our thoughts.

Conspin via Geeky Gadgets

Google releases Nexus S and Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread

Google Nexus S img1 544px
(image credit: Google) Google Nexus S | US$tbc | www.google.com

finally, a news that dispel all speculations and leaks. Google announces its next generation Google Phone, dubbed the Google Nexus S along with the new Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread. unlike its predecessor, Nexus S is the next generation of Nexus devices, co-developed by Google and Samsung. Continue reading Google releases Nexus S and Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread

leaked photo of Samsung Nexus Two – successor to Nexus One?

Samsung Nexus Two 544px
(photo source: gizmodo.com

is it real? the next Nexus Two to be made by Samsung? what? no more HTC? i have always liked HTC, but i don’t particularly dislike Samsung as well. but the photo posted by Gizmodo, has the Nexus Two looking good. the Nexus Two reportedly will have a front facing camera, thus video call could be well in the package. aside from the singular photo, nothing much is known about it’s innards. what could be in it? could it be running the Gingerbread i.e. the Android OS 2.3?

i found it strange with Google implementation plan for it’s OS. newer OS seems to be coming up faster then you can say ‘Google’. regardless, it looks like the release of the Gingerbread will be ‘real soon’ as noted by report by The Register. Google even have a Gingerbread Man outside their lawn. watch the video below. according to The Register “unnamed sources”, Nexus Two “will arrive on November 8”. well, it is already the 1st, we will find out soon enough… aren’t they going to call the successor ‘Google Nexus Two‘?

via Gizmodo & The Register


thoughts: will iphone continues to dominate the smartphone market?

in my opinion ‘yes’. i have been a user of smartphone since 2004, and i have my fair share of gripes about windows mobile and symbian OS. i have since given up on both OS. my last was samsung i780 before switching to iOS in 2008. for the last two and half years, i was an iPhone user – from 3G to 3GS – until 2 weeks ago i decided to give Android a shot and see for myself what’s the hype about.

i have been using the Google Nexus One running on manually updated Android 2.2 aka Froyo for the last 2 weeks. so how was it? here’s my verdict: i can’t wait to get my hands on iPhone 4 from my local telco. i have listed the pros and cons in my earlier posting, now i got more to add. Apple will likely to dominate the smartphone market. iPhone has changed everything. being both a hardware and software company certainly brings about advantages when designing and producing the smartphone, or any products for that matter. being both a hardware and software company means both hardware and software can have much better integration. it eliminates or at the very least, minimize the issues between hardware and OS. productivity-wise, the software (the OS) will be more efficient as they only need to ‘talk’ to a single hardware designing company. it is better for software developer to develop for a single product (iPhone) which enables them to concentrate in making it better, rather than having to split their resources to develop for different manufacturers and different models. end result for Apple is a more stable product.

Apple has garnered much talks by controlling the distribution of iphone (itouch and ipad) apps. some critics disapproved of such control which curbed their freedom to develop. well, after using Nexus One for 2 weeks, i am beginning to appreciate Apple’s apps store and it’s intentions. android market does not have as many apps and variety compared to Apple’s apps store. i think it will not be as big as the apps store in anytime soon. why? there are simply too many models of android-based smartphone with varying screen resolution and possibly, proprietry UI features. it’s not going to be easy for developer to iron out bugs for all models in the market. on top of that, newer OS version is not readily available to all models in existing market which makes apps update a daunting task. very often then not, you will see comments such as ‘this apps doesn’t work on xx model’ on the android market. rather than commenting on the actual quality or usefulness of the apps, like usually you will see in the apps store. developers will likely to shy away from developing for such market, especially if its for monetary purpose. on top of that, there are several ‘independent’ markets sprouting out for android and these ‘independent’ markets even spammed the comments section of some apps in official Android Market to draw people to their sites. to me that’s definitely very unprofessional and unorganized. nobody ensure quality in the android market.

any tom, dick and harry can submit an app. i’d be hesitatant in buying paid apps on the official Android Market because i am not sure of its reliability in terms of credit card information handling. don’t get me wrong, i am not out to thrash android. android is a great OS. but perhaps, Google should design and manufacture their own hardware, and maybe have some control over the apps. i do have fun with the Froyo. it is fun and rather intuitive but it also reminds me of windows mobile. all i need is a straight forward phone. i don’t want to navigate through pages and pages just to reach a basic setting. nowadays, we all have too many things to learn and to do, it will be nice to simplify things a little. Google are you listening? 🙂

posted via AndroBlog on Google Nexus One (Android 2.2)

Google Nexus One w/ Android OS 2.2 (Froyo)

instead of giving a lengthy take on the Google Nexus One, i will just summarize it. i got so much to talk about it but with my thoughts rushing, words became blurry. why not just hit straight to the point? or points? (note: i’m referring based on non-rooted set running on manually updated 2.2 Froyo)

– high resolution sharp display resulting from AMOLED display
– fast processor
– external storage in the form of SD card (bundled 4GB)
– beautiful design, teflon-coated casing was a nice touch – literally
– fast operating system
– reasonable battery life (about 1 full day with constantly fiddling with mails, web and various other apps)
– wireless sync (or was it cloud sync?) – its a God sent, without having to be tied to a particular PC or Mac.

– touch keys are not sensitive at times (seems like the angle of the fingers do matters)
– capacitive touchscreen is not as good as iPhone’s (sometimes it doesn’t detect my touch)
– the edge of the screen seems to be ultra sensitive. people with large hands may just trigger something when holding the handset
– syncing with Google Account could be a potential security issue (do you trust Google?)
– one platform with so many makes lead 3rd party software implementation. one software works with N1 may not works with Motorola Droid.
– lacking in apps library (partly due to the above-mentioned issue)
– hardware and software derive from 2 different entities which will not be as ‘synced’ as Apple’s iPhone
– MMS (send) fails to work after manually updated to 2.2 Froyo, though i still can receive MMS
– why do we still need kill programs after we exit it?

i am kinda getting used to the Nexus One. if you have been looking at iPhone 3G/3GS for too long, trust me, you will find the AMOLED display much superior and pleasing to the eyes. this (the Nexus One) is just my transitional phone before the iPhone 4 comes along (after i managed to cracked my 3GS!).

for those still thinking is this phone is worthwhile, my answer is yes, if have never believed in iPhone and no, if you u think iPhone is great. it’s all about perception. i don’t want to live my life without trying and i am definitely not an extremist – i welcome technologies, whoever makes with open arms. back to question on the Google Nexus One’s worth, i would think if you are a technology nut, then it definitely a big YES to give the N1 a shot.