Vivo Smartphone with Imaging Drone

We said it before and we will say it again. The smartphone market is pretty much stagnant at this point. Aside from faster chips, memory and storage, there’s nothing groundbreaking. The only thing smartphone makers can do to sell the phone is the camera system.

Vivo Smartphone with Imaging Drone

Even then, it can become rather stale, IMHO. However, if this Vivo patented uncovered by LetsGoDigital were to turn into reality, then it will most certainly take imaging on a smartphone to a higher level – like literally.

According to LetsGoDigital, Vivo has filed a patent for Vivo smartphone with “a detachable camera drone.” Yes, you heard that right. A drone that you can deploy from a phone – just like what some sci-fi movies had proposed.

We don’t care how ridiculous it may sound because, this proposition is just simply to exciting. This definitely makes Sony’s desire to create a “flying camera” seems all too lame. In any case, the closest we can get to this now is to stick a separate phone-size drone to the back of a smartphone as what AirSelfie has been proposing.

Anywho, with such an exciting patent, Yanko Design’s writer Sarang Sheth (the same dude who created the Cheese Grater iPhone case) cannot resist but to create a 3D visualization of it which I am totally sold. You can learn more about this crazy phone HERE and HERE.

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Images and source: LetsGoDigital/Yanko Design.