By now, we have recognized that imaging drone is yet another digital camera or video camera. Despite this fact, not one mainstream digital camera maker has embark on this relatively new market. Or so we thought.

Enters Sony “Flying Camera” Drone. Well, not quite enter, enter. It was a patent Sony filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. As it turns out, the patent was filed in late 2018 and then another such device was filed last October and eventually published in January 2020.

So, Sony has been toying with the idea of a flying camera, huh? Interesting. But lets keep in mind that a patent filed is just a patent filed. The company may or may not green lit it. Anywho, now you know. Sony has hatched the plan for a flying camera drone which, if I can be honest, we would love to see it materializes.

As you can see from the patent, the drone collapsed into a box-like, much like an oversized digital camera. It actually has two parts. The drone and a back cover of sort. Removing the back cover, which also serves as a remote control and a monitor, reveals the drone that has one rotor that rotates out at each corner.

It has a full suite of aerial imaging capabilities which we shan’t go into detail, but if you like you can dig into the details in the full patent below.

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Images: Sony/USPTO.

Source: PetaPixel.

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