You know Alexa? Yea. Of course, you do. TBH, when Amazon first introduced Alexa, we didn’t think it will have such an impact on people’s connected life. I mean, Alexa isn’t the sole voice-activation technology, but for some reasons, it has seen widespread adoption from the basics of basics like speakers, to headphones to desk light to door locks and even cars. And it is not going to stop there; the six decades old faucet maker, Delta Faucet Company, is planning to bring Amazon Alexa to faucet too. Yep. That’s right. In addition to the company’s touch-free Delta Touch2O Technology, Delta is looking to enabled voice-activated faucet too.

Delta Faucet Company Brings Alexa To Faucets
Delta’s new innovative faucets will bring the company’s Delta Touch2O Technology and Amazon Alexa together

When that happens, one can expect to ask Alexa to turn on and off water, dispense the exact water quantity, and even warm the water. Furthermore this new found Alexa Skill will also allow you, the users, to customize commands, so the faucets did work as you desire. But when will this be realized? Well, about that… Delta Faucet Company did not specifically said when, much less when it will actually be available. But rest assure, you want to save out for this baby because, one thing for sure is, when Amazon Alexa comes to faucet, it is not going to anywhere near affordable – especially when it is coming from a premium faucet maker.

Image: Delta via CNET

Source: CISION.

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