This Basin Mounted Glass Rinser Is Perfect For Lazy Bumps Like Me

I have come to a point that I am even too lazy to rinse a mug. Yes, it is that bad. I think I need to seek help soon, but I probably won’t have to if I have this First Wave Glass Rinser. Btw, when I said rinse the mug, it is not just rinsing. […]

Soon, You Will Be Able To Make Your Faucets Do Your Bidding With Alexa

You know Alexa? Yea. Of course, you do. TBH, when Amazon first introduced Alexa, we didn’t think it will have such an impact on people’s connected life. I mean, Alexa isn’t the sole voice-activation technology, but for some reasons, it has seen widespread adoption from the basics of basics like speakers, to headphones to desk […]