Touch-free faucet is not the newest of the new, but touch-free faucets designed specifically for home are something of a news and are stuff that makes a modern home, which is why it makes the Pfister REACT Touch-free Kitchen Faucets worthy of a mention. As to why using gesture to trigger water on or off is cool or beneficial, I guess it is pretty much self-explanatory. However, in case you don’t already realized, such touch-less technology reduces the contact between your hands and the water dispensing hardware, thus minimizing the spread of germs, as well as keeping the faucet in pristine condition since virtually no touching is required. The Pfister REACT Touch-free Kitchen Faucet is much like the sensor-rigged faucets you may find in some public restrooms, but it is specifically designed to meet the need for homes.

Pfister REACT Touch-free Kitchen Faucets

It includes a Hibernate mode, allowing you to disable the sensor for faucet maintenance, and a SmartStop feature that automatically turns off the faucet after two minutes to conserve water, which means it will not only bring about convenience when your hands are full, so to speak, and also help to save precious water too. In addition to convenience and water savings, this made-for-home automatic faucet also features Manual Override mode that allows you to operate the faucet using the handle if the situation calls for it. There is also an extendable pull-down hose for those more complex washing tasks, such as clean the basin. Other highlights include AccuDock advanced spray-head docking system that ensure a tight connection to the faucet spout, easy maintenance nozzles, and a “1-to-4-hole” configuration for versatility in installation.

The onboard sensor only requires six AA batteries to function, so you don’t have to mess with wirings. Available in two designs, Selia and Pasadena, the Pfister REACT Touch-free Kitchen Faucet will be available starting April 2015 through Pfister wholesale partners. But If you can’t wait, you can get Selia now at select Lowe’s stores and Pasadena, from select Home Depot stores. But be warned. It is not cheap. One of these will run you back at $299. Now, we wait for someone to kickstart a connected faucet so eventually faucets could be part of your home automation setup.

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