Draft Top PRO Kickstarter

Draft Top, the handy “can opener” that makes any beverage can go topless and safe for the mouth, has just gone PRO. Like, really, really, really PRO. Aptly dubbed Draft Top PRO, it is a countertop device that does the same as the Draft Top LIFT but at scale for the home bar and stadiums.

Draft Top PRO Kickstarter

The operation of the Draft Top PRO is easy and quick. All you have to do is to insert the can, lock the handle, and pull the top lever down. And voila! It is done. Pushing the lever back up will eject the top, ready for the next can. Draft Top did not explicitly say but I think the device is intentionally designed to look like a draft beer tap.

Speaking of which, the rigid aluminum and stainless steel construction not only look uber-sleek but also ensure it will last. The device has a free-standing base, secured in place on almost any surface courtesy of strong suction cups.

Draft Top PRO Kickstarter

The benefits of going topless need no reiteration here. As for the concerned individuals over the freshly cut aluminum cans… well, the cut is smooth and blunt and therefore totally safe for the mouth and lips, and for the weird who also uses their tongue to lick the rim, yes, your tongue will be safe too.

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Since it is topless, you can reuse the can as a cup, or use it as a planter for your plants. And best of all, it makes sense of canned Corona.

If you are sold by the idea, you may find the new Draft Top PRO on Kickstarter where you can secure a unit for as low as US$299. The campaign has met its funding goal and so, a pledge for a product is a pre-order which, if all goes as planned, will see delivery sometime in November 2023. 

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Images: Draft Top.