When it comes to doing laundry, most of us couldn’t care less about the different types of clothes that get thrown into the washing machine, but for everyone who does, LG Twin Wash System Washing Machine is just the home appliance you may have been dreaming of. As the product name implies, this particular washing machine setup lets you wash two loads of laundry simultaneously; one load in the main washer and the second load, in the mini washer under the main washer. LG proposes that the mini washer to be used for laundry that requires special attention such as delicate items that could benefit from unique wash settings.

LG Twin Wash System Washing Machine at CES 2015

Like I said, most people couldn’t care less to separate the load into regular and delicate clothes, but for those who do, having a twin washing system like such will definitely save you significant amount time the next time you do laundry. And it does so without the need for additional space because the mini washer basically sits discreetly under the main washer, much like the bottom drawer of a refrigerator, and doubles as a pedestal for your main washer. The real kicker is, this mini washer (models WD100C/WD200C) is independent from the main washer, which means it can be combined with any of LG’s front-loading washers.

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Like most of LG’s washing machines, the mini washer is on direct drive motor, which supposedly produces less noise and the motor itself is covered by a generous 10-year warranty. Interested? Unfortunately, we have no idea when it will be available and how much it will retail for. However, at the rate of white goods is moving, we are not surprise to be seeing it in a couple of months time. We could be wrong though.

LG Twin Wash System Washing Machine

LG Twin Wash System Washing Machine at CES 2015

LG Twin Wash System Washing Machine at CES 2015

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