Vinyl record enthusiasts who are also fans of heavy metal band Metallica will be thrilled to know that Metallica has joined turntable maker, Pro-Ject Artist Series turntable. Like The Beatles Yellow Submarine turntable, the Pro-Ject Artist Series Metallica Turntable has an unusual base.

Pro-Ject Artist Series Metallica Turntable

The base of the Pro-Ject Artist Series Metallica Turntable is made up of multiple Metallica lighting bolt logos in mirror-finished. A glass platter with a heavy zero-resonance design sits on top, letting you admire the glorious logo while the high mass of the platter produces the tightest and most accurate playback speeds when a record is played.

Beyond the irresistible Metallica logo, the Pro-Ject Artist Series Metallica Turntable also benefits from an S-shaped tonearm fitted with a detachable SME headshell that affords quick cartridge changes. The tonearm bearing and base are machined entirely out of aluminum.

Pro-Ject Artist Series Metallica Turntable

It further boasts adjustable tracking force and anti-skating, three height-adjustable damped aluminum feet, and electronic speed control that lets you change between 33/45 and 78 RPM easily with a toggle switch. That’s right. It plays 78 RPM too. So if you have some shellac records lying around, this would be good news.

Finally, the turntable comes pre-adjusted with Pro-Ject Audio Systems’ Pick it S2 C cartridge which Proj-Ject says “offers a thrilling and exciting sound, which oozes of details and high fidelity.”

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The Pro-Ject Artist Series Metallica Turntable sells for US$1,599. We are not sure of its availability. We suggest that you reach out to Pro-Ject dealers to find out yourself.

Images: Pro-Ject.

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