Cassola-based Manfrotto may have changed hands quite a bit, but it has remain a resilient company that has stood the test of time. From its humble beginning as a camera tripod maker to today, it is constantly adapting to the ever changing photography trends and that includes developing gears catering to new-age mobile photographers. The latest to join its smartphone accessories lineup is the KLYP+ Deluxe Photo Kit for iPhone 6 Plus that will turn your iDevice into a pro-like rig, complete with case, swappable optics and LED light. When it comes Manfrotto, aesthetic is the least of your concern. The $125 package includes a case (Manfrotto calls it a photographic case), two interchangeable lenses, and a LED light with tripod mount.

Manfrotto KLYP+ Deluxe Photo Kit for iPhone 6 Plus

The case serves as a protection against the rigor of daily use and also as an intermediary between the optics and LED light. It features a rail system attachment for the LED light and tripod mount and a thread connection for the lenses. Speaking of lenses, they are of solid aluminum and boast thick, high-clarity optic. Included in the Deluxe package are Fisheye lens and Telephoto 3x lens. The LED light is dimmable to three different levels of intensity, has a 60o beam angle and puts out 225 lumens, making it an ideal soft-fill light, as well as brightening up pictures in low-light conditions. Interested? You can pick one up from Manfrotto web store for the said price.

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Manfrotto KLYP+ Deluxe Photo Kit for iPhone 6 Plus

Manfrotto KLYP+ Deluxe Photo Kit for iPhone 6 Plus

Manfrotto via Popular Photography

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