You read that right. Even before the folding display technology matures, TCL has embarked on making a tri-fold display smartphone and it even has a prototype to show too.

Not a lot of details are known at this point, but CNET did managed to get their hands on the prototype.

TCL Tri-Fold Smartphone Prototype

This is not first time the TV maker has expressed its desire to make flexible display phone, though. It has show off some really bold concepts earlier this year and revealed its innovative DragonHinge.

However, this is the company’s first prototype folding phone. Anywho, the DragonHinge is what enables the magic, allowing the phone to fold in and out. The result is a phone that phones out in a zigzag fashion which reminds us of a tourist map.

Like the “regular” folding phone, the tri-fold design also has an outer display, complete with a selfie camera, when folded so it could be use as a regular smartphone and on the flip side is a quad-camera setup.

TCL Tri-Fold Smartphone Prototype

It has a USB-C port, but like the disturbing trend we are seeing, it has no headphone jack. Like we have said, specifications are not available and hence, details like processor, display type, et cetera, are not known.

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However, CNET did deduced that it is “roughly 10-inch when fully opened.” Well, that’s all we know for now. Personally, I am thrilled with folding phone cos’ strong aversion to thick phones.

Moreover, I never felt like I needed a tablet and so, folding phone would be no use to me. However, a folding phone could be a big deal for those who find themselves carrying both a phone and a tablet. Anyways, stay tune for more updates (if any!).

Photos: Tyler Lizenby/CNET.

Source: CNET.

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