Luna Faucet by GRAFF looks nothing like a faucet

Luna Faucet by GRAFF 544x348px
GRAFF Lunar Faucet | US$PoR |

we have seen our fair share of faucets and this new range of faucets from GRAFF is anything but conventional. you didn’t think it as a faucet until we told you so, didn’t you? as the name suggest, the curvy profile represents the crescent edge of the moon but we thought it reminiscent more of a samurai sword instead. nevertheless, it is something that unique-freak would love. the sexy curve and flatness gives it a very contemporary feel. the Luna Faucet is available in polished chrome and brushed Steelnox satin nickel finishes. as for pricing, you gotta get in touch with Graff retailers for details.

via Yanko Design

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