Anna Heater by Stadler Form

Anna Heater by Stadler Form
Anna Heater by Stadler Form | $99.99 |

like the gadgets that we use, we expect the home appliances that own to embody both form and functionality. even though a tropical country like ours have absolutely no need for a heater, we still drools over this sleek offering from Switzerland firm Stadler Form, dubbed the Anna Heater. so what’s so great about Anna? for starter it is definitely not a lady that will fuel dispute between you and your partner and it is by far, the most affordable ($99.99, to be precise) and yet, non-hideous looking heaters. unlike the traditional oil heaters (or other electrically-driven heaters for that matter), Anna (thankfully) does not look ugly since it adopts Stadler Form’s mantra of developing attractive and appealing household products. it uses electrical source to heat up its ceramic heating element and along the way, offering you with two fan speeds and for safety measures, its self-regulating ceramic prevents overheating and automatically shutoff in the event of tipping over. btw, we have used our fair share of heaters before and honestly, we just put up with those awful looking electric heaters which made any regular oil heaters look pretty but that was then. anyway, like we have said, we have no need for such appliance now but if we do ever need one, Anna is the go-to heater for us anytime. to prove our point to you, we invite you to scrutinize some larger imageries of this beauty after the break.

Stadler Form via Gear Culture

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