Christmas Dinner in a Can

Christmas Dinner in a Can
Christmas Dinner in a Can | £5.99 |

want to celebrate this Christmas with a hot meal without getting your lovely kitchen all messed up? first off, we applaud your honesty and for that, please allow us to introduce you to Christmas Dinner in a Can. so what so great about this food-in-a-can thing? first and foremost, there’s definitely no cooking to mess around (and for you to mess up with) and yet, you will still be able to savor a piping hot meal. heck, there isn’t even a tiny weeny bit of fire involved and no, there’s no microwave wizardry here either. all you have to do is remove its rubber lid, put your soon-to-be-Christmas-meal on it (the rubber lid), pierce the outer jacket with the included key and peel open the can. now wait for the magic of exothermic reaction to heat up your chow in twelve minutes and the result is a piping hot, Turkey casserole with a healthy mix of winter vegetables, chipolatas, stuffing balls and cranberry jelly. we can’t say for the taste cos’ we have yet to munch it but anything that doesn’t involves us messing around the kitchen is good to us and probably, a God send to some parents/spouses/partners. and at just £5.99 (about US$9.50) a pop, this instant can food pretty much seals the deal, well, at least for this Holiday season. also ideal for those lonely soul who has to work through this Christmas or for those who are home and away without anyone to celebrate with.

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