Star Trek Ships of the Line 2016 Calendar

We’d think Trekkies have come to love Star Trek for its sci-fi element, more than the drama and if so, apart from the intriguing and some pretty outrageous but no less delightful tech (which some may have somewhat came true, if we may add), the spaceships are probably the next most drool worthy thing about this iconic sci-fi franchise. The spaceships, which form the backbone of the franchise, capture fans’ imagination the world over. I am sure Trekkies know what I am talking about and if you fall into this group of Trekkies (or just a serious sci-fi nut, really), then we have no doubt that the Star Trek Ships of the Line 2016 Calendar is right up your Starfleet alley.

It features spectacular original illustrations of the most famous starships and vessels (read: freaking awesome spaceships!), presented in wide horizontal format that maximized detail in the up-close views of each space-going vehicle. And being a calendar for 2016, it naturally comes with, well, calendar, which will probably be viewed as an extra to serious fans. Star Trek Ships of the Line 2016 Calendar is a fitting Star Trek merchandize to get, considering 2016 is the 50th year since The Original Series debuted on U.S. national television and makes for the perfect wall decor for any Trekkies’ office, man-cave, or in the case of an over-the-top fanatics, bridge or quarters.

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You can pick up a copy from ThinkGeek for $14.99 and no, we are not an affiliate.

via MightMega