obviously, not every single parts of the Urbanears Humlan Washable Headphones is actually washable, but nevertheless, it is certainly among the first audio cans that allows the headband and ear cushions to be removed and thrown in along with your laundry. we know most of us won’t admit it, but those two parts are the grossest if you really thing about it (more so if you are residing in a tropical where sweating profusely is a daily affair); imagine the sweat all soaking in and taking refuge in the fabric of the headband and the ear cushions, and to think that we are using it over and over again, culminating even more of our salty byproducts. it sends chill down our spines thinking about it and we thank Urbanears for coming up with this brilliant washable idea.

i didn’t quite say it, but this has been an issue bothering me, which is why i stick to earbuds instead audio cans, or at least opt for audio cans with leather wraps for hygiene sake. beyond that, you can expect the same features and funkiness of any Urbanears’ cans, which include ZoundPlug for instant music sharing, an inline remote with integrated microphone for music control and handsfree calls, a 47″ tangle resistant fabric and TPE cord with Kevlar reinforcement, and finally, 40mm dynamic drivers to carry out the audio reproduction chore. available in a myriad of colors and going for just $59 a pair, which makes it the most affordable, squeaky clean headphone ever.

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Urbanears Humlan Washable Headphones

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