The state of Idaho, U.S.A., is not exactly a touristy state – unless you have this special affinity with potato, which the state is famously known for. If that’s the case, you would want to visit Idaho and you want to stay in the Big Idaho Potato Hotel that is currently listed on Airbnb. That, btw, is literally a potato. A giant-ass potato. It is in Boise and it is kind of iconic.

Airbnb Big Idaho Potato Hotel
Hard to believe this spud is a hotel room in midst of a 400 acres farmland.

OK. Maybe not that iconic, iconic but somewhat so. There’s a bit of history to this gigantic fake potato. It was an icon of sort used by Idaho Potato Commission to tour around the country on the back of a semi truck to promote the state’s signature food source.

Anyways, that was its glorious past. Right now, it has been turned into an accommodation, planted on a 400 acres Idaho farmland, just south of downtown Boise. The former star 6-ton (fake) potato was turned into a pretty darn cool, livable space (fittingly) by former Big Idaho Potato Tour spokesperson, Kristie Wolfe. Like duh? Who knows Idaho’s spud better than the person spoke good of it, right? I mean, besides the farmers themselves, of course.

As expected from a hotel (room) proper, the Big Idaho Potato Hotel has all the amenities required for a good night rest, including power outlets, a mini fridge, old records to play and of course, a custom-built bed. I must say I am totally sold by the idea, but I would think it may not go down well with those who are claustrophobic cos’ it appears to be fairly tiny and no windows or whatsoever that will comfort you that you are not trapped inside a tin can, or in this instant, a starchy vegetable.

Speaking of the interior, it is obviously not the starchy kind. That will be gross. In fact it has a white washed walls with integrated shelving that reminds of the Mediterranean and it looks super cool, not going to lie. It appears not to have a TV, no WiFi to speak of, and no integrated bathroom. Oh, wait, it does have a bathroom, but it is on the outside.

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The bathroom is equally cool, though not quite inline with the potato-theme. As a boon, it is not just a bathroom; it is silo-turned-spa retreat, complete with a bathtub and a fireplace. Last checked, Big Idaho Potato Hotel is open for booking via Airbnb for around 200 bucks a night.

Airbnb Big Idaho Potato Hotel
The Idaho icon used to be “star” that toured the country.

Images: Airbnb.

Source: Colossal.

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