There are stick vacuum cleaners and then there are robots that vacuum and mop, but why appliance makers did not think of making a stick vacuum that mops in one swift action?

Roborock U10 Smart Stick Vacuum and Mop

Well, as it turns out, Roborock did. The vacuum cleaner maker best known for its robot vacuum has introduced a new stick vacuum, called U10, that does both vacuuming and mopping. Plus, it can totally suck up water too and is therefore good for cleaning bathrooms too.

That said, the device offers three modes: max mode for quickly cleaning up stubborn dirt, water suction mode for cleaning the bathroom, and an auto mode that automatically adjusts the suction power.

Roborock U10 Smart Stick Vacuum and Mop

On top of that, there is no rinsing of the brushes required. U10 has a self-cleaning system built into it. Sounds like a dream appliance for a person who does the vacuuming and mopping over here. At least it sounds like a dream machine. How it really works remains to be seen.

U10 is designed to tackle all kinds of debris that you may throw at it, including dry and wet yucky stuff. This two-in-one stick vacuum has two reservoirs: an 850 ml clean water tank and a 600 ml used water tank.

Roborock U10 Smart Stick Vacuum and Mop

The U10 is powered by a 260W motor, paired to a 5,000 mAh battery good for 35 mins of use on a single charge which the company said is enough to cover up 280-meter square (3,000+ square-foot) area.

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However, such convenience does come with some heft. It tips the scales at 5.1 kilograms (11.2 lbs) which is more than double that of the Dyson V8 Slim. Then again, you are expected to lift it anyway so I guess it is all cool.

Roborock U10 Smart Stick Vacuum and Mop

Pre-order for the Roborock U10 Smart Stick Vacuum and Mop is happening on Xiaomi Youpin for a steep 3,499 yuan (around US$540).

Images: Roborock [CH].

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