Flight With Over 80 Plumbers Returned To Oslo Due To Toilet Problem

If there was a practicing physician onboard a flying passenger airline, he could probably attend to someone with a medical emergency and you would think, if a flight with professional plumbers onboard had toilets problem, the issue could be solved right up in the air, right? Clearly, that wasn’t the case with Norwegian Air flight #DY1156, when it reportedly met with toilets problem when there were over 80 plumbers onboard. Just in case you are wondering… these plumbers were flying from Oslo to Munich to attend a trade event and hence, the congregation of so many same trade folks onboard. Unfortunately, the toilets issue were not for them to rectify, even though the lot of them were probably more than capable to do the job.

Less than an hour into the flight, the passengers were informed, much to the amusement of the plumbers, that the plane had to return to Oslo due to “toilets problems.” Even more unusual about this incident was, no one was fuming mad about having to return to do an U-turn. In fact, the passengers were laughing, probably at the irony of the situation. According to a report by Washington Post, one of the plumbers said that the flight attendant have commented, saying “she has never done a U-turn with so many passengers smiling.”

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Apart from the fact that those plumbers are probably not trained to deal with toilets inside a passenger jet, the faulty toilets actually had to be fixed from the outside the plane. Clearly, the world is in need of a toilet superhero who can get outside a flying plane at 30,000 feet to fix the toilets, so that no one has to waste precious time making U-turns.

File image: Adrian Pingstone.

via Boing Boing.