many exotic, supercars have dropped their tops, which is a sign that there is a market for topless beauties on wheels. we have seen Ferrari did it (notable recent example would be the California T) and so has Lamborghini. that said, it is a wonder why Nissan hasn’t toyed with the idea of chopping the roof of its flagship GT-R. we are pretty sure there are fans (with deep pockets, if we might add) out there wanting to see a convertible version of this modern legend. no? well, if you are one of those fans, your wait is over. California-based specialist in dropping top off non-drop-top vehicles, Newport Convertible Engineering has just announced that they will be offering custom cabrio conversion for the Nissan GT-R. yes. GT-R. Cabriolet. hard imagine, isn’t it?

anyway, details are scant, but what you really need to know are three things: one, convertible GT-R is a reality; two, it is only available through custom order; and three, there will be three designs to choose from. the latter is, presumably, referring to the chop-top style, namely the classic dual-hump design common to open-top racer, a fixed roll bar type as found on most roadsters, and a straightforward design that does without the humps and the roll bar. naturally, you can expect the GT-R to gain some heft from the conversion, you know, due to the addition of roof mechanism (no word if it will be electrically operated or otherwise) and also, we are assuming that there will be some form of ‘reinforcement’ made to the vehicle’s body to maintain the structural integrity when it does without a fixed roof. however, at the end of the day, if a head-turner is what you are after, then this conversion would be it.

via World Car Fans

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