dropping the top, doesn’t mean three is a crowd. with the Ferrari California T, it can drop its top while still have a 2+ configuration, well… the back might be a little overly cozy, but they are still seats, aren’t they? and it surely beats having none. in just 14 seconds, the retractable hard top (also known as RHT) can be stowed away turning it from a coupe into a sophisticated spider. the new California T now boast a zero turbo lag 3.9-liter 8-cylinder turbocharged engine, letting lose all 560 ponies and 557 lb-ft (755 Nm) of torque like it should and achieving a 0-100 sprint in mere 3.6 seconds. despite having more power and torque, the introduction of turbo also sees a drop in fuel consumption by around 15 percent, while emissions are slashed to 250 g/km in combined cycle.

other highlights include super low inertia twin-scroll turbines for ultra sharp throttle response, improved steering response with a new steering box and suspension setup, new springs and dampers, body motion accelerometers, F1-Trac traction control for getting out of corners fast, CCM3 carbon-ceramic braking system, super short braking distance (from 100) of just 34 meters, a new triple-fence diffuser and last but not least, the intense sound of Ferrari’s engine which is the result of “meticulous design work and use of special manufacturing techniques for essential components.” the latter is something the Prancing Horse folks are particularly proud of. the Ferrari California T will be making its way for an official meet-the-world event at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

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no word on when it be rolling off the production line, neither was the pricing was announced. in the meantime, you can drool over this sexy beast in the image gallery we have prepared for you after the break.

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