looking like a cross between a Zonda, a Jag and a Maserati, the Spyker B6 Venator Concept Sports Coupe is the latest offering from the Dutch automaker set to rekindle consumers’ interest in the brand. pen by Spyker’s CEO Victor Muller, the B6 Venator pays homage to the marque’s past and bears familiar design cues from a vintage such as the 60HP. the uninitiated, those design cues include the unique V-shape mesh grille and the unmistakable 1903 Spyker logo. while younger generation of motoring enthusiasts may not connect with Spyker’s lineage, but the car’s unmistakable aircraft design influence, highlighting Spyker’s aircraft pedigree, might. powering the 2-seater is a transversely mounted V6 unit that sends 375 bhp of power to its rear wheels via a six-speed automatic gearbox. while its power hardly touches the supercar territory, it offers a lightweight body that comprises of an all-aluminum chassis, wrapped in full carbon fiber, resulting in a kerb weight of no more than 1,400 kg (3,086 lbs).

notable external design features include 3D LED taillights that are crafted in the likeness of the afterburners of a modern jet aircraft, a brake light that’s beautifully integrated into the rear panel for a seamless look, 19-inch mirror-finish Turbofan wheels, an aerodynamically shaped glass aircraft canopy for the obvious aerodynamic advantage and giving the occupant airy feel, sculpted air intakes seamlessly integrated to the body and new headlights with LED light rails. the aircraft-inspired design continues into the cabin with an aircraft-inspired ignition switch, flip switches, turbine-like air vents, and a leather and aluminum upholstered interior that makes it feels even more like an aircraft’s cockpit. the Spyker B6 Venator Concept Sports Coupe, though a concept at this point, is set to roll off the lines in early 2014 and it will carry with it a price of around $125,000 to $150,000 range. learn more about the Spyker B6 Venator Concept Sports Coupe HERE.

Spyker via AutoGuide

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