perhaps the Monster Diamond Tears Sally Sohn Edition Headphone’s one-of-the-kind status might turn some away, but hey, it is always good to know that such an exquisite cans does indeed exist and is ready to be snapped up by the richest of the rich. priced at £20,000 a pair (US$30,000), this ultimate in luxe headphone is the result of the collaboration between audio maestro Monster and world renowned Korean artist and jewelry designer Sally Sohn. so what do you get for 20k quid? if you really want to know, it is a product with hundred hours of master hand craftsmanship to its name and features 18k gold, and is encrusted with 5.56 carats worth of black diamonds (that takes on the form of a creepy crawly, if we might add). and that, my friend, is what 20k sterling pound will get you. along with the ridiculous lavishness is the “next-generation Pure Monster Sound”, as tuned by “Head Monster” Noel Lee, that uses Monster’s latest proprietary technologies and sonic innovations “to bring the full experience of live music-to-music lovers and concert goers everywhere.” though it has a price tag to it, we are not quite sure if you could actually buy it even if you could effort to dole out that insane amount of money. however, what we do know is, this super luxe audio cans was unveiled at the Harrods with no further information if it could be acquire, but something about the “one-of-the-kind” statement tells us it ain’t for sale. we could be wrong, but like we said, it is always good to know such insanity does exist. hit on the below image for a super closeup of this extreme cans with a black shiny spidey stuck on it.

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Monster Diamond Tears Sally Sohn Edition Headphone closeup

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