Forget about supercars. Cars are getting so fast that a new category, known as hypercar, has been coined. No, wait. That’s actually old news. Because there is a new category known as ultra-car.

3,000 Horsepower Spyros Panopoulous Chaos Ultra Car

Why ultra-car? Well, when you have 3,000 horses on the tap, what else can you call it other than ‘ultra’? And no, 3,000 horsepower is not a typo. The Spyros Panopoulous Chaos, as it is called, actually packs such insane power.

A product of Greek automotive designer, Spyros Panopoulous, the Chaos is no concept. It is as real as you and me. And mind you, though, it isn’t an EV. It is a down-to-earth gas-guzzler powered by a 4.0L V10 motor paired to either a twin- or a quad-turbocharger.

3,000 Horsepower Spyros Panopoulous Chaos Ultra Car

The twin-turbo variety is known as the Earth Version with 2,049 horses and turns out 1,025 lb-ft (1,389 Nm) of torque while the quad-turbo monstrosity is the range-topper called the Zero Gravity that has the holy mother of… 3,065 ponies and metal-twisting 1,463 lb-ft (1,983 Nm) of torque.

The power put out by the V10 motor is put to good use on four wheels via a seven- or an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox, affording the Earth Version a century sprint in under 1.9 seconds or under 1.55 seconds in the case of the Zero Gravity.

3,000 Horsepower Spyros Panopoulous Chaos Ultra Car

With such a quick acceleration and a top speed of over 310 miles an hour (500+ km/h) (!), the Chaos will possibly go zero gravity if not for the sophisticated aeros. And oh, if you need a car that wipes the quarter-mile in under 10 seconds, this car will do it easy.

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The Zero Gravity can make the 1/4 mile in under 7.5 seconds and the Earth Version does it in 8.5. And it is super high-revving too, with the redlines between 11,800 and 12,200 RPM. Absolutely bonkers! This is almost like having a road-legal F1 car.

But beyond the out-of-this-world performance; the Spyros Panopoulous Chaos also boasts some serious high-tech materials too, including a zylon poly monocoque, along with titanium, magnesium alloys, carbon fiber, Kevlar, and a new kind of material called SAM2X5-630 that is said to be hard and has elastic properties.

This car is exquisite down to the details. I mean, how often do you find an exotic ride that claims to have a titanium exhaust system AND 3D-printed titanium exhaust tips?

3D printed titanium can also be found on the calipers, rotor hubs, and wheel hubs too. Those are not it. The seven-axis point milled billet Tennalum super alloy wheels are 3D printed too.

TBH, I am left speechless looking at the specs. Seriously, this feels more like a fantasy ride than something money can buy. However, it is indeed a ride (shit load of) money can buy. It is set to sell for an astronomical €12.5 million (about US$14.13 million) when it becomes available. Speaking of availability, you can get on the list to buy one as we speak.

Images: Spyros Panopoulous.

via Topspeed.

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