Range Rover Sport 12-Volt Ride-on Toy

how to prove that you want the best for your kids and you are not a selfish grown up? get your kids the Range Rover Sport 12V Ride-on Toy, that’s how. the Range Rover Sport 12-Volt Ride-on Toy is a ride-on toy modeled after the Land Rover SUV introduced earlier this year and we have to say it looks pretty damn cool.

Toy “R” Us Tabeo Tablet

can’t get your kids’ hands off your iPad or Android tablets? well, then perhaps it is time to let them have their own tablets but of course, not the real, real tablet but one that’s tailored specifically for your young ones, such as this upcoming made-for-kids tablet from Toy “R” Us dubbed as the Tabeo. this $149.99 is slated to be available next month and sports…