Thunderbolt drive is not new, but when it comes to a RAID config, we are mostly resigned to the fate of using where wall outlets are available. well, Western Digital think its time for a change and the WD My Passport Pro is the drive that will do just that. billed as the first’s Thunderbolt-powered portable dual-drive, My Passport Pro suckle on Intel’s high-speed port for the juice it needs and offers user-selectable RAID functionality to deliver the performance required by demanding applications and mega-size contents. nobody wants to wait till the cow comes home to transfer or edit 4K footages and My Passport Pro’s 233 MB/s provides the transfer speed required, while the bus-powered capability allows you to do so virtually anywhere. granted that the 233 MB/s is not a record fast speed, but it still make USB 3.0 and FireWire 800 pale in comparison.

visually, the enclosure has the familiar sleekness you expect of from the hard drive maker; it houses two 2.5-inch hard drives and is “shock-tested for extra durability to perform reliably when working on the go.” well, we have our reservation about this claim though. we have had, not one but several bad experience with WD external hard drives, but that’s just us. perhaps, others have a more positive experience. nevertheless, having dual-drive with Thunderbolt and without the need to be hooked up with a power source is naturally a breakthrough. well, kind of. if you have always wanted to break free from the office, then you can pick up My Passport Pro now for $299.99 with 2TB capacity, or $429.99 for a 4TB variant. however, do note that it does come with quite a heft with the 2TB model tips the scale at 460g or 1.01 lbs, and the 4TB will weigh you down at 720g or 1.59 lbs. naturally, the drive is designed for Mac systems and is therefore formatted HFS + J for Mac OS Mavericks and Mountain Lion.

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