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ok, now that you have your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and get yourself really hooked to iOS, Apple wants you to take a step closer to this environment by announcing the follow-up to last year’s Lion with the Mac OS X Mountain Lion. the Mountain Lion ‘morphed’ into more iOS-like with familiar features like integration with iCloud, Reminders, Notes, Game Center, Notification Center and iChat that communicates with your iOS’s iMessage, now simply known as Messages. other noteworthy new features include Share Sheets, Twitter integration, AirPlay Mirroring (finally!), and Gatekeeper (no, there’s no marshmallow man here) that safeguard you from malicious software. of course, these are, but a few of the features that were highlighted and we are eagerly anticipating for more features that will surprise us. expect the Mountain Lion to land sometime this Summer with an yet to be determined price tag. oh, there is a Messages BETA available for download – just to let get a taste of what its like to be messaging from your Mac.

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