CorelDraw 2019 Returns To Mac, Introduces CorelDraw Web App

CorelDraw, the Adobe Illustration direct competition. I have long forgotten it since I started using Mac and picked up Adobe Illustrator. After 18 years hiatus, the other go-to illustration software has return to Mac and like Adobe, it has also hopped onto the web bandwagon. Meet the CorelDraw Graphics Suite 2019, now for Mac and […]

Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge Internet Browser Is Coming To Mac

When it comes to Internet Browser, we are not lacking of options, but in case you do find yourself running out of options when on macOS, here’s one to look out for in 2019. It’s from Microsoft and it is called Edge. No. Edge is not a rebranded the defunct Internet Explorer. It is a […]

Using Movavi Photo Editor: What You Need To Know

The Movavi Photo Editor is a proof that there is a lot of room for a pro-grade image editing software that can deliver exceptional results. The Movavi Photo Editor is one of the top image editors used today because it allows users to edit photos on the fly. For those of you who are still […]

Capturing Different Videos To Watch Later With Movavi Screen Capture Studio For Mac

When you come across a video on your Mac that you’d like to watch later, you may look for a way to save it. In some cases that may be possible, but for many online streaming videos, TV shows and other types of content – it is not. However there is a relatively easy way […]

Simple Method of Cleaning A Mac with Movavi Mac Cleaner [Review]

Were you aware that when your Mac’s hard drive starts to get too full it could affect the performance of your Mac as a whole – aside from also leaving you with no space to store new files? That is part of the reason why it is so important to clean your Mac regularly, so […]