Apple MacBook Pro Gets Updated With Faster Processor And New Features

Apple has updated its MacBook Pro laptops, now boasting faster performance and new pro features, including Touch Bar (and of course, Touch ID), 8th-gen Intel Core processors – with 6-core available on the 15-inch model and quad-core for the 13-inch model, along with support for up to 32 GB RAM, True Tone Retina display and […]

The Next macOS Is Mojave, Has Dark Mode And iOS Features

In addition to the new watchOS 5, Apple has also previewed a new macOS operating system called macOS Mojave. This major OS update feature list is long and extensive, but in a nutshell, it will feature a new Dark Mode, new Stacks feature, iOS apps like News, Stocks, Voice Memos and Home, group calling for […]

Apple Watch Is No Dick Tracy Watch, But It Will Be With watchOS 5 Update

Every kids in the 80s dream of owning the watch use by fictional detective Dick Tracy, but as it turns out, mankind has gone beyond what Dick’s iconic watch can do. But if you somehow still feel inadequate despite having a high-tech wrist worn gadget, then there’s the good news: when watchOS 5 comes along, […]

Microsoft Made Windows 10 Official, Brings Cortana To PC and Tablet, Plus a Boat Load of Features

We were never the sort that keeps you in suspense on some products in development and that’s why we are only bringing you this piece of news today, because it is the day when the new generation Windows, i.e. Windows 10, is being made official. Off the cuff, what the Redmond software giant’s latest operating […]