Every kids in the 80s dream of owning the watch use by fictional detective Dick Tracy, but as it turns out, mankind has gone beyond what Dick’s iconic watch can do. But if you somehow still feel inadequate despite having a high-tech wrist worn gadget, then there’s the good news: when watchOS 5 comes along, your Apple Watch will feel a lot more like Dick Tracy’s. Obviously, your Apple Watch will be more advanced then the great detective’s.

Previewed at the WWDC 2018, watchOS 5 will add powerful activity and community features to Apple Watch, including a walkie-talkie function that lets you use quick voice communication with any Apple Watch users around the world. Now, that’s definitely a Dick-approved feature! Obviously, you will need to have access to wireless network or cellular service to enjoy the walkie-talkie function. Hmmm, I wonder what the telecommunication companies thought on this?

In addition, the new OS will also tantalizing features activity competitions, auto-workout detection, new workouts, new running features, updated Siri functionality and aesthetic, enhanced notifications, support Student ID cards, and the ability to listen to your favorite podcasts on the go. Apple watchOS 5 will be available this Fall as a free update for Apple Watch Series 1 and later. But do note that it will requires iPhone 5s or later running iOS 12 as prerequisite for the new watchOS. Unfortunately, the original Apple Watch will not be supported.

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Animated GIF: Apple.

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