bringing a flash light out in the night is nothing out of the ordinary but bringing a lamp? how many times do we actually need to do that? hardly, but that’s before you comprehend what the Lumio Lamp is capable of. the Lumio is a portable lamp that beckons you to discover new ways of using it. it can be an ambiance light, a night light, a pendant lamp, desk lamp, a corner lamp, or anything you can think of. at this point, we are obliged to think that the possibility is almost infinite. the inspiration behind Lumio is a book. yes. a book and that’s where thing starts to get interesting. Lumio is a book lamp, in which opening the book activates the lamp and closing the book switches it off. a simple yet powerful concept that explains why it is now already 466% funded on Kickstarter (and it still has 21 days to go). there are no buttons or switches to mess with and by adjusting the angle of the book, the brightness of its high-output LED lights can be regulated to your preference. powering its 500 lumen LED is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that’s good for eight hours of continuous use per charge, but it can also hook up to a wall outlet via a discreetly located power connector on the spine, should you choose to use it as a permanent light fixture. the same power connector is also utilize for recharging the internal battery. the cover material is available in three FSC certified wood finishes (dark walnut, warm cherry, and blonde maple) and features built-in super strong neodymium magnets that lets you adhere the lamp onto any ferrous metal surfaces. and when you are done, simply close the book and slip it into your bag. the Lumio Lamp can be yours for a pledge of $95 or more. check out the product’s Kickstarter pledge video after the break.

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