Efficient aerodynamic means having a smooth, possibly sharp front and sleek, flowing lines. Now, you would think that an electric motorcycle aiming to be the world’s fastest would take advantage of this fact since it does not have a radiator to cool, but it isn’t the case with White Motorcycle Concepts Electric Motorcycle.

White Motorcycle Concepts Electric Motorcycle

The UK-based electric bike maker has incorporated a massive duct into the bike’s front, making it look like a whale shark’s gaping mouth. The motorcycle, referred to as WMC250EV, is unusual looking not just for an electric bike; it also odd looking in the world of internal combustion engine motorcycles.

The said duct is essentially a tunnel that runs though the entire body from the front to the back. And the results of this unusual design? A drag coefficient of 0.118 Cd and a claimed top speed in excess of 400 km/h. How 249 mph is fast need no detailing.

White Motorcycle Concepts Electric Motorcycle

Now, to put the drag coefficient in context, the Bugatti Chiron has a Cd of 0.38 and soon to be available 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS has just 0.2. Let the fact those numbers are from a motorcycle sinks in for moment. A motorcycle! Imagine that!

Powering the WMC250EV are not one, not two, but four motors, made up of two 20 kW synchronous AC motors at the front and two 30 kW synchronous AC motors driving the rear via a chain drive system. Keeping the quad of motors juiced is a 15 kW lithium-ion battery system. Range is not provided, but given its intended purpose, range is not relevant here. More on that in a bit.

White Motorcycle Concepts Electric Motorcycle

Before you speed demons go ga-ga over this superfast electric bike, you have to know that the WMC250EV isn’t for everyone. In fact, the bike is built for just one purpose and around the body of its rider – specifically, Rob White, the company and CEO of White Motorcycle Concepts.

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The design team laser-scanned White in an extreme racing couch position and design the bodywork of the bike around it. With that said, the WMC250EV is in fact a high-speed demonstrator which White hope to challenge the world land speed record.

White Motorcycle Concepts Electric Motorcycle

Images: White Motorcycle Concepts.

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