WeBike Pedal Power Seating

WeBike Pedal Power Seating
(photos: WeWatt) WeBike Pedal Power Seating | €9,950.00 | wewatt.be

getting regular exercises and still keeping up with your busy work schedule is next to impossible for most of us. instead of trying to stretch your time to hit the gym, you could make better use of your desk bound time to exercise and generates some useful electricity to juice up your power-hungry gadgets at the same time. sounds like a fantasy? not at all cos’ that’s exactly what Belgium-based firm WeWatt has done. it has created the WeBike, a round desk that has three seats with pedals, allowing each seated user to cycle as he or she works and generates around 230Vac / 30Watt of electrical output. constructed from a combination of aluminum, steel, reclaimed cedar and reclaimed leather, it has a high pressure laminated table top and features an interactive LED ring display in front of each seat, giving a visual indication of the amount of power being generated and the available AC power for charging your devices. the good news is, this is not a concept and it can be bought for €9,950 or about US$13,050 each. sounds like the best of three worlds: work space, exercise and generating green energy. what’s not to love?

WeWatt via PSFK

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