this capsule house concept is the future of mobile home

Living Roof 544x380px
(credit: Nau Architects)

when we think about mobile home, we see caravans but that is now. in the future, mobile home dwellers could be living on top of someone else’s roofs, not a caravan park. conceptualized by Nau Architects, the Living Roof capsule is a 28-foot long dwelling that is designed to sit on empty roofs in urban areas and the best part is, this mobile home is completely self-sustaining. it is capable of generating more power than it requires with its photovoltaic cells, wind turbines and it even collects rainwater. despite of its relatively tiny interior, the designers has envision a interior that is transformable from a lounge to a sleeping pod to an office at a touch of a button.
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although the Living Roof is designed to perch on roofs, it can be airlifted to any to anywhere, even out to the wild and thanks to the satellite and mobile data technology, these pods could be anywhere while still letting us stay connected. however, i see some unexplained issue here. what about sanitary system? the sanitary truck must have access to the pod somehow. unless there is some ‘self-composting’ system that can eliminate our humanly waste. i am sure billionaire writers would love one of these for them to write the next hit novel.

the Living Roof provides a familiar creature comfort, no matter where you go. sounds like an awesome idea to me. hit the jump and check out more images of the mobile home of the future.

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Living Roof by Nau Architects 800x560px Living Roof by Nau Architects 800x560px Living Roof by Nau Architects 800x560px Living Roof by Nau Architects 800x560px Living Roof by Nau Architects 800x560px

Nau Architects via DVICE

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