A vintage cycling fan from Prague, Vladimír Vidim, has faithfully recreated the 120-year-old Slavia bicycle. The original bicycle was made in 1896 by a Laurin & Klement, the predecessor of automaker Skoda Auto.

It was Laurin & Klement very first vehicle. So, not only Peugeot has its roots in bicycles. Skoda too, albeit maybe very briefly.

Anyways, not only did Vidim recreated the original bike, he also took it to race in the original stage of the Tour de France and finished a hill climb of 2,365 meters (2.365 kilometers or about 1.47 miles) on July 2019.

So, why are we mentioning it now? Well, it is a beauty, isn’t it? A true beauty stands the test of time. That’s not to mention that the Slavia bicycle already did so for the last 120 years. You can read in details of the construction of this beautiful Slavia replica bicycle HERE or catch the video below to learn more.

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