car built for little people: VW Brazil Mini-Gol

Volkswagen Mini-Gol 544px
(photo credit: AutoMotto)

even the word compact sounded too big for this car featured here. i doubt the word ‘sub-compact’ is even suitable. Volkswagen Brazil has built a mini-Gol, a super-subcompact car based on the budget priced compact car Gol which has been sold in Brazil since 1980. the mini-Gol was built with little people in mind. by little people, we mean people who are 1.53m and below.
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roughly 30% of a full-size Gol, the mini-Gol is powered by a 5.5 horsepower power plant and has a top speed of 27 Km/h. please don’t ask about the 0-62mph timing for this one. it would probably just indicates as ‘N/A’. besides the obvious exterior size difference, everything else in the car, including the seats, dashboard and instrumentation did not change, except in scale.

measuring just 2.25 meters long, this 27km/h vehicle no doubt will be no-no for highway traffic. i guess it should be ample as a simple transport and it should be safer in term of controls and maneuverability for little people. however, regular cars should be more alert if these mini-Gol sees to the production and takes to road eventually.

Volkswagen Mini-Gol with Gol side-by-side 544px

via AutoMotto

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