Forget about recruiting a cameraman for whatever professional videos you are going to make because, here’s the world’s AI-powered autonomous director camera is here. Despite the fact that it does not have legs, it can do pretty much everything a cameraman can do. Called OBSBOT Tail Autonomous Director Camera, this iF and reddot design award winner first debuted at CES earlier this year and since then, it has swoon many people over, including the 700+ folks over at Kickstarter who helped to roll in $400,000 in funding.

OBSBOT Tail Autonomous Director Camera

OBSBOT Tail is outfitted with an AI chip, the HiSilicon Hi3559A, that’s capable of processing up to 5 trillion FLOPS (floating point operations per second) to enable it to precisely track, automatically zoom and captures action at up to 4K60p – even in low-light condition and complicated environment. Additionally, it also does slow-mo (at up to 240 fps) and time-lapse too. Further setting itself apart from cameras of such nature is, it can not only track humans’ actions and movements; it is totally capable of tracking cats and dogs – thanks to a new filming mode called “Pet Pal” which is selectable via the companion OBSBOT Studio app.

OBSBOT Tail Autonomous Director Camera

The importance of pet tracking cannot be overstated. The last thing any pet owner wants is to have their pet out of the picture when capturing the precious with their pets. Other details include a large 1/2.3-inch Sony CMOS sensor, a set of 10 advanced lenses (4 of which are HOYA aspheric lenses), up to 3.5X optical zoom, built-in 3-axis 360-degree gimbal, support high precision gesture control system, “Tap lock” for quickly locking onto subject, a built-in 1,850 mAh battery that offers 180 minutes of recording per charge, and of course, AI tracking.

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If you down, you can pre-order OBSBOT Tail Autonomous Director Camera on Indiegogo for a discounted price of $489. Not going to lie. It is not cheap, but it could be a worthy investment for content creators. Skip ahead for the pitch video.

All images courtesy of Remo Tech.

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