Shinola Limited Edition Smokey Robinson Turntable

In Detroit, Michigan-based lifestyle brand/watchmaker Shinola’s latest great Americans series, the brand celebrates the living Motown legend Smokey Robinson with a series of limited edition products. Among them is this: Shinola Limited Edition Smokey Robinson Turntable.

Featuring a heavy aluminum, stainless steel and American white oak construction, this Limited-Edition Smokey Robinson Runwell Turntable boasts a serialized platter coin adorned with the American singer-songwriter’s signature.

The platter coin and bezel on the turntable bears a matching true blue dial color as the Shinola Smokey Robinson Limited-Edition Watch ($950).

As far as the turntable is concerned, it also features a built-in “cutting-edge” phono preamplifier, an adjustable belt drive that reduces vibrations near the platter, and high-quality noise-dampening materials for a quieter operation.

Only 25 of these highly limited-edition turntables are being offered and so, if you want one, you ought to act on it fast. Then again, at $3,000 a piece, I am sure it won’t be flying off the shelves anytime soon.

Unfortunately, this item only ships by ground within the contiguous United States. So, sadly fans from outside of the contiguous U.S., you are pretty much out of luck. That applies to you too, Hawaii.

Images: Shinola.