Gearbox MkII Automatic Turntable Transparent

After seeing the Shinola Limited Edition Smokey Robinson Turntable, I bet you will feel like this see-through Gearbox MkII Automatic Turntable is a bargain. But more on the price in a bit. We cannot attest for the sound, but one thing for sure, this speaks volume when it comes to geekiness. No?

I mean, a turntable that lets you peek at the innards. How cool is that? At a geek’s standpoint, that is absurdly cool.

Gearbox MkII Automatic Turntable Transparent

As denoted by the model name, this actually a second iteration which now boasts an upgraded belt drive with aluminum pulley, plus the electronics have also been uprated too.

MkII further touts high-fidelity built-in valve phono stage – the first in the world, if we may add, which has been designed and tuned for moving magnetic cartridges such as the pre-fitted Ortofon OM10. Those are not even it.

Gearbox MkII Automatic Turntable Transparent

It even has onboard music recognition technology, so you can add tracks from your records to your Spotify playlist without breaking a sweat. And then there’s Bluetooth connectivity that lets you stream what’s spinning on the platter to compatible wireless speakers and it is Internet enabled for track tagging.

A few other details include RCA plugs for wired output, glass platter, isolated power on control, Pro-ject tonearm, and a choice of two RPMs (33 and 45).

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Want one? Well, if you are in the U.K. you can order the Gearbox MkII Automatic Turntable from Gearbox Records online store for 549 quids, or if you are in the stateside, you pick it up from Uncrate for US$595.

Images: Gearbox Records.

Source: Airows.