Shinola Is Selling Limited Edition Smokey Robinson Turntable For $3,000

In Detroit, Michigan-based lifestyle brand/watchmaker Shinola’s latest great Americans series, the brand celebrates the living Motown legend Smokey Robinson with a series of limited edition products. Among them is this: Shinola Limited Edition Smokey Robinson Turntable.

Shinola Dabbles In Audio, Kicks Off With The Runwell Turntable

Shinola, the Detroit-based watchmaker, has dabbled in many things outside of its core business of making timepieces and so, it is safe to say that it is a matter of time the company dip their hands in audio devices too and dip they did. The company has announced its first audio device and surprisingly, it […]

Dutch Harbor Watch Is Shinola’s Take Of 50s Dive Watches That Do 900 Feet

You grandpa’s dive watch may look cool (and it was), but it probably can’t dive 900 feet. So, instead of putting your family heirloom at the mercy of 400 psi of waterbody, the Dutch Harbor Watches would be your best bet in looking good and going deep – like, really, really deep. New from Filson, […]

Shinola’s First Single-speed Bicycle, Detroit Arrow, Reminds Us of Grandpa’s Classy Two-wheeler

If appreciate all things with a touch of retro, then we think you will probably like Detroit Arrow Bicycle by Shinola. For starter, it is a single speed model – a first for Shinola, which harkens back to the days where things were a little simpler. No fancy multi speed gears to mess with. Want […]

Filson Now Has Its Own Line of Rugged Wrist Watches, Hand-built by Shinola

Filson, the name for everything outdoor, now has rugged wrist watches too. The collection consists of two models, Mackinaw and Journeyman, with 23 styles to choose from – all built to rough it out in the great outdoors with you. These watches are hand-assembled at sister company Shinola’s Detroit factory and boasting features like Shinola’s […]

Meet Shinola Runwell First Edition Leather Backpack, A Beauty That Costs

backpack is one type of bag that don’t quite look like something suited for business, but if you prefer not to have lopsided shoulders in long run, it is the type of bag to get, unless you don’t mind hand carrying a brief case and leaving only one hand free to do whatever. however, if […]

Shinola The Wright Brothers Limited Edition Watch

from the folks who make desirable watches (among other things) comes a tribute series of timepieces known as The Great Americans Series, that honors the iconic American innovators and industrial pioneers who made America what it is today. kicking of this annual creation is The Wright Brothers Limited Edition Watch

Shinola The Runwell Wrist Watch

ever since the evolution of the Internet, and subsequently Internet shopping, we have opened our eyes to many pretty things that tempt us to shut up and take our money. the Shinola The Runwell Wrist Watch is one such fine example and to be honest, for such a beautiful time piece with such an attractive price tag, it will not be difficult to ask any folks