It is a known fact that our hearing degrades as we age and it also a known fact that no two person hearing is exactly the same. Understanding this, a Hong Kong-based company called MyAudioSession has designed a ‘revolutionary’ audio cans which it claims to offer the world’s most personalized music experience. How? By the magic of an app, of course. The companion app is responsible for measuring your hearing to determine the frequencies of each band that your sound holes can pick up and from the data, it will create a tailor-made, enhanced audio profile specifically for your hearing sensitive and put it out through large 50 mm Mylar/titanium drivers.

MyAudioSession Personalized Wireless Headphones

It is worthy to note that the hardware remains the same across all MySessionAudio wireless headphones and what really weave the magic is the app. Beyond audio quality, MyAudioSession is also one of those rare wireless cans that supports wireless charging, made possible through wireless Qi standards, thus allowing you to recharge the unit without the hassle of wires. So, if you ever find charging is a chore, wireless charging on this pair of cans should help alleviate that pain.

MyAudioSession Personalized Wireless Headphones

Other notable features include smart pairing via NFC,15 bands per ear audio, memory foam ear cup cushions, Android and iOS compatibility, built-in rechargeable battery good for up to 30 hours of playback, and finally, there is the Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth Audio SoC that boasts Bluetooth 5.0 and support 240bit aptX-HD audio. And did we mention that looks pretty dope the looks department too? Yeah, it does.

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MyAudioSession Personalized Wireless Headphones

Unfortunately, we a bit late on this one. MyAudioSession has concluded a successful Kickstarter campaign where backers get to pre-order a pair for $159-219. Usually, we will just give it a pass if the campaign has ended, but with such level of personalization promised and wireless charging, we felt it will only deepen our crime for now sharing this with you.

If you are interested, make sure you keep your eyes peeled on the product website and/or the brand’s presence on the various social media platform to be in the know of its eventual availability. In the mean time, here’s the product video from its Kickstarter campaign:

Images: MyAudioSession.

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