Have you ever wonder how is like to be a frisbee? Well, wonder no more because you can now see the world in the eyes of a frisbee – that’s if frisbee even have eyes. As it turns out frisbee does have eyes, or at least this thing called VFO, AKA Video Flying Object, have. VFO is a frisbee that puts you at the front row seat of a flying frisbee without the risk of you crashing and hurting yourself. In other words, you need not to be an Ant-Man to experience a frisbee flight. So, that’s a good news there, but it begs the question: why? I have absolutely not idea.

VFO Video Flying Object with 720p HD Video Camera

VFO is essentially a regular frisbee outfitted with a 720p-capable video camera (that records at 30fps to boot) – complete with a vane of sort that, presumably, makes the camera more stable or something like that. In case you are wondering, yes, the camera does spin as the disc flies. So, be prepare for a dizzily ride. There’s no video streaming though. Footage is recorded straight into the included 8GB microSD card. Also, there’s no audio. Very odd.

Anywho, judging from the product video, image stabilization is not in the equation, but as a consolation, this thing is advertised as a super rugged and has a rugged camera housing, so it should survive regular frisbee ordeals. Like I said, I am not fully convinced why I should be seeing the world as a frisbee sees it, but if you do, you can pick one up for $59.99.

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P.S. I think the so-called aerodynamic camera fin will, in some way, hinder the aero of the frisbee. Just saying…

VFO via The Red Ferret.

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