This is SPINN CP.01 Camera Carrying System from Germany camera accessories maker, SPINN.DESIGN. SPINN CP.01 is a camera that completely reimagine how you carry your camera. It is designed to be affixed to the bottom of your DSLR or mirrorless camera, allowing camera strap to be attached to where it belongs: at the bottom of the camera.

SPINN CP.01 Camera Carrying System

With the strap coming out from the bottom of the shooter, it will never in the way of your shooting. Plus, it affords a stable camera position with full body contact, so you can say goodbye to awkward camera position and swinging camera. It also works with hand strap and plays well with Arca too, affording effortless connection to most camera tripods.

SPINN CP.01 is, btw, not simply a piece of metal. It is the attention to detail that deserve a mention here. Its reversal and slightly asymmetric design features recessed strap eyelets (to allow freedom of movement for the strap), slip-proof rubber pads, four attachment slots, quick release tripod support with Arca-Swiss compatibility, smooth edges, and hand strap attachment slots.

SPINN CP.01 Camera Carrying System can be had by pre-ordering it on Kickstarter for 52 euro (about US$59). The campaign is already over 650 percent funded and so, it is indeed a pre-order which, if all goes all planned, should see delivery sometime in November 2019.

All images courtesy of SPINN.DESIGN.

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