Bexei x Transformers X Series Mechanical Watch

Hot on the heels of the G-Shock x Transformers Back to the 80s Collection is yet another timepiece collaboration. This time, the franchise has teamed up with Bexei Watches for the Bexei x Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Collection.

Bexei x Transformers X Series Mechanical Watch

Now before we continue, we need to clear the air regarding this little-known watchmaker. This Bexei IS NOT the luxury watch brand by Hungarian independent watchmaker Aaron Becsei.

This Bexei is a China-based watchmaker founded in 2015. We have spent hours trying to figure this out until we finally noticed there is a subtle difference between the two logos. Yes, apparently, this China Bexei has ripped off the logo of the other Bexei. To be fair, the Chinese version did copy any of the original Bexei’s designs. Though it may have ripped off other brands.

Anyhoo, we should notice the difference between the two Bexeis because an entry-level timepiece from Aaron commands at least €60,000 (about US$61,278) while China Bexei is typical 2-3 grand… Chinese yuan [CH], or around US$296-US$444. Plus, the real Bexei offers customization and can only be purchased directly from the company.

Now that we clear the air… we can proceed with formal news… Somehow, Hasbro has decided to collab with China’s Bexei for a collection of Transformers-branded watches.

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The Bexei x Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Collection [CH], as it is called, consists of three models which include Bumblebee (but of course), Megatron, and very strangely, Mudflap. That’s right. It is one-half of the annoying twin from Revenge of the Fallen.

Whichever model you chose, it is based on the new X series watch which features an in-house developed BX-1B07 automatic mechanical movement with no less than 21 jewels, a transparent case back, synthetic sapphire crystal, 72 hours of power reserve.

As for Transformers touches, it is limited but enough to show off your fandom when worn. Autobot emblem can be found on second hand and on the watch band with Cybertronia motif is either an Autobot or Decepticon logo.

Colors are also used to differentiate the models. For example, Bumblebee has yellow accents on the unique ‘X’ skeleton dial face, the hands, the case’s sides, and the emblem. Mudflap is orange/brown while Megatron is purple.

Strangely though, the Megatron-inspired timepiece has a second-hand featuring the Autobot emblem and it is provided with an additional rubber strap with the Autobot logo. Maybe it is for those who have a change of heart? You know, like Jetfire/Skyfire?

Bexei x Transformers X Series Mechanical Watch

Rounding up the package is an elaborate packaging with Transformers branding as well as, ermm, a paper bag?

The Bexei x Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Collection is available now in China through e-commerce platforms for about 2,499 Chinese dollars (about US$370) apiece.

Images: Weibo (BEXEI-OFFICIAL) [CH].